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Drona kannada movie Review : Shivraj Kumar has Played best teacher role in Drona kannada movie

Drona kannada movie Review : Hello Friends I am Bavusab Kamble I am the owner and CEO of Tamilrockers Kannada Movie review site – As every one knows that I make reviews of movies – so today I am here to review a sandalwood movie called DRONA DRONA movie has recently released in theaters main thing is shivrajkumar is playing a hero role in this movie – so I have already watched this movie in theaters so I will write about Story of DRONA – I will write about  Direction of DRONA – I will provide cast of DRONA – I will also provide overall rating for this movie .


Details of DRONA 2020 Kannada Film

DRONA is a Kannada language movie and this movie is directed by the Pramod Chakravarthy and And this movie has been produced by the Mahadevappa b Hallagatthi – Kannada supper star hero Shivraj Kumar has played hero Role in DRONA Movie and Harrick hero   Shivraj kumar playing Teacher role in this movie .

Cast of DRONA Kannada Movie 

  • Shiva Rajkumar is palying a Highschool teacher role in DRONA Movie 
  • Ravi Kishan has played a important lead role in this movie 
  • Rangayana Raghu is playing teacher role in DRONA movie 
  • Swati Sharma is playing heroine role in this movie 
  • V Manohar is also part of this movie 
  • Sadhu Kokila has played a little comedy role in this movie 
  • Babu Hiranya is playing headmaster role in Drona movie 
  • Rekha Das is playing a short role in this movie

Story of Drona Kannada Movie 

Story of DRONA Kannada movie starts with high school and Hero of this movie is Shivraj kumar and shivraj kumar is playing a teacher role in this movie – when shivraj kumar visits new high schools he finds lots of indiscipline in the school- and as soon as he starts bringing discipline in the school he’s seniors starts opposing it – the whole movie is based on how shivraj kumar manages to bring discipline in the whole school.

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Direction of DRONA kannada Movie 

Drona is a sweet movie – as far as direction is concerned direction has been done perfectly – all the action footages have been captured perfectly – If I talk about acting of the actors and actresses cast have done a fantastic job – there is no drought that these are talented actors.

Overall Movie rating and Feedback of DRONA kannada movie 

Movie is good to watch – Shivraj kumar is playing a Teacher role in this movie – I highly recommend that all the parents must watch this movie along with it all teaches also must watch watch this movie  as it’s a inspirational movie – this movie shows how a high school teacher should teach to students – In my opinion movie is good all individuals can watch it – For acting and direction and songs I would like to provide 4.5 out of 5 stars – I have already provided the YouTube channel  trailer footage thise who are interested they can feel free to watch it .

Conclusion : Hello everyone hope everyone is doing good – in this article I have discussed about story of DRONA 2020 Kannada film – I have discussed about DRONA 2020 Kannada film cast and I have discussed about Direction and Acting of DRONA 2020 Kannada film  I have also discussed about extra details about DRONA 2020 Kannada film so if anything is left you are requested to comment in the comment section so that our team will try to respond it as soon as possible.
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