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Morkhya : Morkhya Movie Review by Tamilrockers Kannada Movie Review Site |

Morkhya Movie Review : Hello friends I am Kiran Kamble in this article we will discus about movie  Mhorkya a Marathi movie , I will also review whole move , i have already watched Marathi Morkhya Movie so I will write  about movie direction ,acting, and story so lets start .


Details of the Marathi Mhorkya Movie

  • Language of the movie Mhorkya : Marathi Language
  • Director of the Movie Mhorkya : Amar Bharath Deokar
  • Producer of the move Mhorkhya : Venkatesh Padal & Yuvraj Sarvade
  • Story writer of the movie Mhorkhya : Amar Bharath Deokar
  • Cinematography of the movie Mhorkhya : Girish Jambhilkar .
  • Production company of this movie Mhorkhya : Swastik Preeti Production 
  • Movie released on this date : 7th of February 2020 ( seventh of February 2020).

Cast and Roles of the Movie Mhorkhya

  • Raman Deokar ( Playing Hero Role in Movie )
  • Aishwarya Kamble ( Playing Heroin Role in this movie )
  • Amar Bharth deokar
  • Yashraj Kharade
  • Anil Kamble
  • Ramchandra Dhumala.

Story of the movie Mhorkhya

Story of Mhorkhya Begins with a 14 year old boy who belongs to a backward class in the state of Maharashtra and that 14 year young boy never wanted to go to school he used to hate education and he never wanted to take education and young boy used refuse education strongly . Later on independence day he’s friends took him to the school to show him social activities which takes place on the Indian independence day so one teacher asked that 14 year young boy to sing a song in that independence ceremony initially that young boy refuses to sing song after looking at huge crowd sitting in at the ground ..later boy starts singing song a traditional song ..after listening to he’s voice  teachers and audiences appreciates him strongly teaches forces Him to join school after tat day that young boy starts coming to school later he completes he’s education joins Indian army .

Let me talk about Actors and Their acting

  • Raman Deokar is wonderful he played a 14 year young boy role he made all audiences make cry by his acting his acting must be appreciated .
  • Aishwarya Kamble played heroine role in this movie she must be appreciated as she played main heroine role very well .


Let me write about awards  which are been awarded to Morkhya movie

  • This movie has been awarded with 65th National film award.
  • Raman Devekar has received National film award for Child artist
  • Yashraj Kharade also receive National film award  for playing child role in the movie
  • Movie Mhorkhya has received award at pune international film festival
  • Movie Morkhya aslo received Kolhapur film international award.

I have already watched this movie let me give you overall movie review and rating

Movie is good watch this movie is child education oriented movie children’s can enjoy this movie I mean to say that children’s can watch this move children’s can enjoy it more than elders, I recommend everyone to watch this movie from children’s to elders can watch this movie  I would like to provide 3.5 * out of 5  stars .
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